Reinventing media with the Good Men Project: the conversation no one else is having

Ever wondered what a truly participatory media company might look like? There is no shortage of men’s magazines, news sources, or online blogging platforms, but what does a truly engaging media experience look like? In a day and age where people feel increasingly disconnected with the media and feel polarized and isolated, the Good Men Project (GMP) offers an opportunity like no other. With Social Interest Groups that foster conversations around everything from conscious intersectionality to men’s mental health, GMP offers a way for people to connect with anybody else on the planet in an organized fashion.

As a blogger, the Good Men Project has offered me the unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded bloggers, established authors, as well as an entire community of global citizens committed to having important conversations and creating mindful social change. It has pushed me to challenge my own preconceived notions of what being a man in the 21st century entails. It has connected me to an editor who shares my values and pushes me to become a better writer.

When you join The Good Men Project, you become a part of the media. If you want to become a part of the GMP community, be sure to check out the website. The Good Men Project is interested in growing and scaling these initiatives and expanding the community through the IndieGoGo campaign. Help the campaign succeed with either a small donation or spreading the word in social media!